One of the keys to our success is a strong supply chain  

Supplier Relationships

A strong supply side:

One of the key to our success is a strong supply chain. We work with our suppliers to mutually serve our customers. Together, we strive to:

  • meet and exceed quality standards 
  • improve efficiencies and effectiveness
  • manage resources and costs 

We have established guidelines and tools to enhance this outcome, such as:

  • supplier relationship standards 
  • supplier approval, selection and management process 

    Supplier Relationships:

    Our supplier relationships are guided by our global business standards. Wherever we do business, our supply chain professionals will act responsibly, ethically, and in accordance with local laws.

    Our core values are at the heart of what makes Steelcase a great company: Act with integrity, tell the truth, keep commitments, treat people with dignity and respect, promote positive relationships, protect the environment, excel.

    We expect our suppliers to embrace our values and promote sustainable business practices. Remaining financially strong, providing a safe and healthy workplace, obeying local laws and regulations, and actively maintaining earth-friendly environmental practices.