The New Way of Working 

The new way of working: what is it about and how can it contribute to your organization?  

The New Way of Working

The new way of working means that people can work how, where, when and with whom they prefer. The main goal is to work more efficient and effective and to enable a higher level of employee satisfaction. This helps organizations be more productive and to attract and retain new talent. Attracting new talent is a key issue  as approximately 40 million workers will retire within the next 10 years in Europe and only 25 million will replace them.

The new way of working changes the workplace, the way we structure the organization, the flow of work processes, and also the way we use technology and the workspace. Therefore it is important to develop an integrated approach in which the organization, technology and workspace work together to achieve the goals. 

Het nieuwe werken


What does this mean for the work environment?

'Offering a variety of workspaces will become essential'

Being able to chose where, how, when and with whom you work means freedom of choice, which means mobility, flexibility and diversity. Offering a variety of workspaces and being able to personalize the environment will become essential. The age where people just work in the office and do everything from your personal workstation has passed. The workspace of the future is all about:

  • mobility
  • diversity
  • flexibility media:scape

    In addition to that, collaboration and knowledge management are key to the success of organizations. Formal and informal meeting places are created, , often with integrated technology that enables people to share information and ideas easily.

    While people spent less time in the office, it is becoming increasingly important to use space as a way to communicate the identity of the organization. Let the workplace show who the organization is and what it values. This helps employees to identify with the organization and to support the organizational culture.

    The new way of working is not something that you can achieve overnight. It needs a process of transition. The work environment can be used as a tool to make that change. By using the work environment as a accelerator for these changes,  the ‘new way of working’ is not a vague expression, but a tailor made solution for a successful future.

    There is no standard solution that can be copied. Your organization is unique and has its unique way of working. Would you like to know more about what the new way of working can do for your organization? Please contact us, our workplace consultants will be happy to give you some more information.