c:scape is a workplace system composed of 4 elements: desk, low storage, mid storage and screens. c:scape’s clean and light design is harmonious and innovative. It helps people work together and search for information.  

Benefits & features

  • The 4 elements create a wide range of spaces: individual or team spaces, management offices and informal areas.
  • c:scape is flexible and can easily be configured to switch between individual tasks and collaborative working. 
  • The large choice of forms, sizes and element options allows you to create the most suitable workplace for users.
  • The open and light design provides an attractive workplace.
  • Sustainability: c:scape is 99% recyclable by weight and is free of heavy metals.

Different versions

  • Individual, informal or bench version.
  • 3 shapes of desk, 4 types of mid-storage, 2 forms of low storage, all available in different sizes.
  • Worktools can be added:
  • Different cable management options.
  • 9 different top finishes for the desk and 11 colours for the storage.