FrameOne Bench 

FrameOne bench offers lot of space for team or individual work. This large desk can be extended to be as long as neccessary. FrameOne Bench offers efficient cable management - from large capacity cable trays to sliding desk tops.  

Benefits & features

  • FrameOne bench offers an integrated sliding top.
  • The sliding top is integrated.
  • The bench can be associated to work tools, lighting, screens and technology.
  • The product features Bench applications with supporting storage
  • Efficient cable management solutions.
  • Sustainability: FrameOne Bench is 99% recyclable and is composed of 34% of recycled material.

Different versions

  • 4 top shapes available in different sizes
  • 2 legs (arch and Loop version)
  • Veneer tops
  • FrameOne with storage
  • FrameOne is also available in desk.