4.8 four point eight 

4.8 four point eight is a meeting table which integrates technology. An innovative “plug ‘n play” connectivity is integrated into the centre of the table. 4.8 special shape allows seeing all the participants and the presentation at the same time.  

Benefits & features

  • 4.8 four point eight offers an instant and self explaining connectivity to power and data.
  • The innovative integration of technology facilitates the connections between people and smoothes the flow of information.
  • The light open aluminium structure maximizes leg room, for a better user comfort and mobility: the table offers only 4 legs at for the 3 200cm width version and 6 legs for the 4 800cm.
  • 4.8 four point eight proposes a generous cable storing capacity, for facility managers and users.
  • A small raised top slides along the cable tray and regains the area of the cable tray on which to place a projector.
  • Sustainability: 4.8 four point eight is 98% recyclable and contains no hazardous materials.

Learn more about 4.8 four point eight, visit our interactive Come Together website

Different versions

  • Meeting table
  • Veneer and linoleum finish
  • 4 top shapes available in different sizes

Design awards

The Design Forum International in Hannover honoured the meeting table 4.8 with the coveted iF design award. Since 1954, iF Design Award has been one of the most important design awards. Every year, more than 1800 products are registered, from 30 different countries. The juror was composed of international designers.