media:scape is an entire range of integrated furniture and media solutions. It is designed to help people connect and collaborate, quickly and seamlessly. This is increasing productivity and innovation. 

How It Works

  • Open the media well and remove a Puck™
  • Connect the Puck™ to your laptop
  • Share what is on your laptop by pressing the Puck™
    All team members can do the same and share their screen whenever they wish to.

Benefits & features

  • media:scape allows for egalitarian meetings with information sharing between several participants.
  • It arranges people and information to see and to be seen. Interactions flow are more effectively, increasing comfort, focus, and productivity.
  • It can optionally host high definition video conferencing systems, enabling distributed teams to view content and each other simultaneously.
  • media:scape is composed of a range of products to help users to excel teamwork wherever it may happen.

Different versions

  • media:scape table is available in 3 heights: standing, seated and lounge height
  • Can host 1, 2, 3 or 4 screens
  • 9 top shapes
  • media:scape is also available in mini and mobile versions

Design awards

International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 
media:scape with HD videoconferencing received a bronze in the Office and Productivity category in the annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) competition organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America. The 2011 IDEA jury was made up of 20 international design experts who spent weeks previewing entries online and two-and-a-half days of face-to-face evaluation and debate.

Benelux Office Product Award
media:scape was awarded with the Benelux Office Product Award. It is a Benelux initiative of the OFFI Institute and Magenta publishing aimed at emphasizing the innovative force of products in the office market. The Award is widely recognized as a prestigious prize and is still gaining notoriety year after year. This is not only demonstrated by the large amount of interest from the Benelux but also by the attraction of participants from other European countries.

Edison Best New Product Awards
media:scape with HD videoconferencing is the recipient of a Bronze award from the Edison Best New Product Awards, an annual competition that recognizes innovation in the spirit of American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison. The Edison Awards chose media:scape with HD videoconferencing, an integrated furniture and technology solution which enhances collaboration, as a winner in the Living, Working & Learning Environments, employee and community learning spaces category.