32 Seconds 

32 Seconds is our most universal office chair. It is fully adjustable and can adapt to any kind of morphology. It fits every physical shape and build and goes beyond the European norm requirements for office furniture. 

Benefits & features

  • The round shape of the Bow acts like two hands supporting the lumbar area.
  • The Uni-flex made of flexible elastomer works like inter-vertebral disks and provides great flexibility.
  • Sustainability: 32 Seconds is designed to be delivered in small packages, saving litres of fuel in transport.

Different versions

Design awards

Germany - Baden-Wurttemburg International Design Award.
32 Seconds was awarded the Silver Award at Baden-Wurttemburg International Design Awards. The awards are backed by the German government. They reward orward-looking, high-quality design solutions that also address current trends. This year, the awards had a 'Focus Green' theme, focusing on the sustainability aspects of products.