Most people never adjust their seat. Think office chair understands how people sit and adjusts itself intuitively. It provides a comfortable and healthy seating position at all times. 

Benefits & features

  • Embedded flexors - on the back and on the seat - distribute the user’s weight evenly and adapt to every movement and change in posture.
  • The unique weight-activated mechanism automatically adjusts the backrest tension. It also provides smooth recline support in proportion to the body weight.
  • Sustainable: It is 99% recyclable, contains 41% of recycled material and can be disassembled in 5 minutes with common tools.

Different versions

  • Task chair  - headrest available in option
  • Visitor chair sled base
  • Visitor chair 4-leg base
  • Meeting chair with 4-star base on glides (low backrest)
  • Meeting chair with 5-star base on glides (high backrest)
  • Draughtsman chair - headrest available in option
  • Task and visitors chair available with armrests in option

Design awards

North America - Good Design® award.
Think was awarded the Good Design® award. This award is granted by the Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design. Founded in 1950, Good Design awards publicly acknowledge the world’s most prestigious industrial design firms and manufacturers.

Germany - Baden-Wurttemburg International Design Award.
32 Seconds was awarded the Gold Award at Baden-Wurttemburg International Design Awards. The awards are backed by the German government. They reward forward-looking, high-quality design solutions that also address current trends. This year, the awards had a 'Focus Green' theme, focusing on the sustainability aspects of products.

USA - Gold Industrial Design Award.
Think was awarded the Gold Industrial Design Award.  This design award is sponsored by Business Week and judget independently by IDEA (Industrial Designers Society of America).

Germany - Red Dot Design Award.
Think was awarded the renowned Red Dot Design Award and was selected from 4,000 entries from 40 countries. iF International Design Award - Think was awarded the iF International Design Award in Germany.  The iF Design Awards are one of the most important design awards and every year over 1800 entries are submitted.
USA -Best Ideas of the Year Gold Award. Think was awarded this by the Spanish magazine "Actualidad Economica."

USA - Editors choice at Neocon.
The Think chair won the Editors choice at Neocon, along with 6 other Best of Neocon awards, including the Best of competition Award and the Editors Choice Award.
Great Britain - FX Award. Think was shortlisted for an FX Award, organised by contracts magazine FX.