Flat screen monitor arms  

Plurio monitor arm is a scalable system that creates comfortable and healthy working and sitting positions. It supports up to 3 screens making the technology adjust to the user.  

Benefits & features

  • Plurio ensures the user’s eyes are levelled with the screen.
  • The monitors and also the laptop move as one, both vertically and in depth.
  • The on-center mounting and Quick Connection points allow fast and easy installation.
  • The sliding VESA connection points support displays up to 24” in multiple, 30” in single (16:9 format or 4:3 format).
  • Plurio multiple displays support allows users to easily control up to six displays on a variety of monitor and laptop configurations.
  • The easy access handle allows instant functional focal length adjustability.

Different versions

  • Plurio Single
  • Plurio Dual
  • Plurio Triple
  • Plurio Static one-over-one
  • Plurio Dual with Laptop support
  • Plurio multiple displays support 

Other ranges

Forward Arm: Forward Arm puts the user in control of the screen position, ensuring optimum workstation ergonomics.

It fits all morphologies, activities and preferences. Forward Arm enhances collaboration and allows to swivel the flat screen to share information with others


FSMA: Its high performance adjustment are simple and intuitive. It can easily be adjusted for height, depth and angle.

Directional slatwall fixing: It allows the user to adjust viewing angle quickly and easily.

Volley offers a straightforward understated design and a simple statement of line..